stop motion animation illustrated by Beth Spencer

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✏️ Twice monthly drawing sessions - Unguided sessions and workshops with visiting artists! Check out upcoming sessions!

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✏️ Community Support - Get constructive feedback and chat with a supportive art community. Trade your gently-used materials on our art supply swap page. We chat about materials, inspiration, and everything we learn from our practice! *Also, a bonus surprise!*

✏️ The Friday newsletter with:

  • Prompts to strengthen drawing skills, loosen up, and develop your authentic style

  • Mindfulness activities to acknowledge when your inner critic pops in so you can enjoy the process of creating

  • Recommendations for art supplies and drawing sessions to keep you excited to write, draw, and paint

  • Tips for taking inspiration from real life to create original story ideas and illustrations for picture books and commercial art.

Curious about specifics? Here’s a directory of posts.

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six sketchbooks with illustrations by Beth Spencer on a brown table

What do you get with a free membership?

✏️ The Friday newsletter with:

  • drawing prompts to strengthen skills, loosen up, and develop your authentic style;

  • mindfulness activities to quiet your inner critic, so you can enjoy the process of creating

  • recommendations for materials and activities to keep you excited to practice!

My sessions are a safe space.

Sessions and paid content are available at no cost if you are a:

  • BIPOC artist

  • member of the LGBTQ+ community

If you identify with one or more of the above, please message me for access with “DRAWING SESSION ACCESS” in the subject line, and I’ll add you to my paid list. No questions asked, and nothing is expected in return.

a cute kitten and turtle illustration by Beth Spencer

If you asked my dogs about me, they’d say, “She’s always got her nose in a sketchbook.”

  • My last full-time job was as a photographer and graphic designer.

  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

  • Drawing takes me back to the fun parts of being a kid, so I bring a sketchbook everywhere. My favorite drawing places are the local zoo, library, rock shows, and animal shelters.

Drawing with other artists has been a game changer for my practice, so I started hosting sessions on Zoom to share my love of vintage photos, animals, and storytelling. Let’s draw together!

Here are some of my top posts:

That Silly Color Wheel
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Let’s Make a Character!
The Scientific Method of Sketchbooking
Drawing Session Replay: The Dogist

What to expect in drawing sessions

We meet on Zoom. I share my screen, and we draw from reference images against a timer, so there’s no overthinking. Sometimes I incorporate a fun word game to inspire stories and laughs. There’s no requirement to speak or switch your camera on. You’re welcome to ignore the timer or work on your projects if they call to you. Once a month, we have wonderful guest artist cohosts and you can chat and ask them questions.

You can share all, some, or none of your drawings at the end. You can also upload your art to a weekly thread for paid subscribers to get feedback!

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