Hugs Drawing Session

A session to spark story ideas.

Why are we drawing hugs?

Drawing hugs is a magical way of sparking story ideas. Don’t believe me? Look at the evidence below.

I drew a kid hugging a turtle, then

sketches of a boy and his turtle friend by Beth Spencer
I started with that image on the left and kept it going.

Tips for drawing hugs

  • Get down the overall shape of your figures first. Focusing on one at a time can cause confusion

  • Think about what sparked the interaction. This instantly makes it more interesting to draw and gives you a connection to it.

  • Move quickly. Drawing is a race between your hand and your brain. If your brain leads, you may slow down. Speed up your hand to see what happens.

  • Draw hugs from this session replay!

P.S. Here’s a link to our People Kissing Drawing Session from last year.

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