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Drawing Owls with Katie Moody 🦉

Quick warmups followed by longer intervals with incredible references curated by Katie!

What do you get when you combine photos of owls, a group of cool artists, and Katie Moody as cohost? This wonderful drawing session!

Here are my drawings from the session:

Owl illustrations by Beth SpencerOwl illustrations by Beth SpencerOwl illustrations by Beth Spencer
Owl illustrations by Beth SpencerOwl illustrations by Beth Spencer
I'm putting the most special one below the paywall, for personal reasons. 😜

Some of these are in my cereal-box sketchbook I made with the help of the lovely

! She shares her sketchbook-making process in this video.

It was delightful seeing everyone’s wonderful owls at the end! If you share your work on Instagram, feel free to tag @BethSpencerArt and @Katie_Moody and use the hashtag #KatieMoodyPatreon! I’ll make a chat thread, so you can share in the community.

More bits from the session

In our chat about art school and feedback, Carol shared incredible questions to ponder when viewing work:

  • What immediately catches your eye?

  • Look longer, then notice what you see that you didn’t before.

  • What question would you like to ask the artist?

I clumsily quote Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act. Here are his much more eloquent words:

Taking a wrong turn allows you to see landscapes you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

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