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Bigfoot Drawing Session with TJ Marston!

We're practicing drawing the mysterious creature known as Sasquatch!

Big thanks to TJ for cohosting and leading the Sasquatch Search & Draw Team!

Do you love drawing huge, hairy creatures or even just like drawing them an average amount? This session is for you! It’s also a brilliant way to practice drawing without pressure to create something beautiful. It was fun to play and experiment, chat about fun things on TV, and see awesome art at the end!

Feel free to tag me (@bethspencerart) and TJ (@sketchitstudio) if you’d like us to share your work on Instagram. We love to see everyone’s work and share!

Check out TJ’s Patreon for fun painting videos, learning how she draws on location, and tons of other tips from her practice. There’s a video about how she scans & edits her art that is SO incredibly helpful and has saved me many hours and tears during my book-making process. I paid for the whole year because it’s so good!

Here are the reference photos:

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