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When you only have five minutes

How to make quick sketching your new superpower

Sometimes, you have a big project, or life gets too busy, and you forget to draw. It happens to the best of us. I’m here to remind you that you can still enjoy creativity without making finished art!

quick sketch of a dog by Beth Spencer
A scrappy dog sketch from a vet clinic last year.

I’m not saying “make work your life,” but make your life your work. - Beth Spencer

sketch of clothes hanging in a shop by Beth Spencer
I drew this while Eric was picking out pants (or trousers, if you’re British)

Sketching the fleeting, ordinary moments of life will help you find magic everywhere and connect you to your practice.

sketch of a man with a grocery cart by Beth Spencer
I drew this with an Inktense pencil while waiting for my dog’s prescription

The solution:

Carry a sketchbook everywhere. Don’t be afraid to whip it out when you’re in line at Walgreens or waiting on your check at a restaurant.

sketch of a guy in a hardware story by Beth Spencer
Picking out something at a hardware store. Maybe Flanges?

The power of the quick sketch

Magic - Quick sketches send magic signals to your brain that unlock the wonderful left hemisphere that helps us draw.

Thrilling - The thrill of capturing the essence of your subject before the moment ends.

Energy - The power of a quick sketch is electric!

I wrote a fun poem about it.

When you only have five minutes, a simple sketch will do.
The point is not perfection, you’re doing it for you!

Grab a marker! Or a pen! And sheet of paper too!
Pretty drawings aren't the point, we love bad drawings too!

When you only have five minutes, do anything but scroll.
That’s how inner critics win, and self-doubt takes its toll.

When you only have five minutes, drawing is the best.
You have no pressure to perform, and no one to impress.

Turn off your tablet and the phone, just sit and draw for five,
The world is there for sketching, it will make you feel alive!

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