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Trash into treasure

A reflective, pressure-free drawing prompt
sketchbook illustration of a girl panting a dog by Beth Spencer
This is one of two I made for this exercise.

I’ve made peace with the chaotic mess that is my junk drawer.

What began as a home for Post-its and paperclips has become a mess that would make Marie Kondo burst into tears.

In this prompt, you’ll sort through your miscellaneous items for inspiration.

You may be thinking “Is this a trick to get me to clean out my desk drawer? Why, Beth, why?!”

This activity is a way to:

  • Open your mind to doing something that’s kind of silly

  • Source original ideas

  • Just get drawing without the pressure of making a masterpiece

It’s okay if you don’t land on an idea during this exercise. The point is to open your mind to inspiration from your life!

Questions to ask during this prompt:

  • Consider how it could link to the next. 

  • Could one item stand alone? 

  • Where were you when you received the item? 

  • Why did you stash it in a drawer? 

  • Will you put it back or keep it close by? 

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