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Introvert Drawing Club
Do you have social media overload?

Do you have social media overload?

Share your art without draining your brain.

Symptoms of social media overload include:

  • annoyed at everything

  • envious of other creators’ achievements

  • struggling to connect with your art

  • comparing your art to others

  • feeling behind or inadequate

  • difficulty focusing

For better or worse, social media plays a big part in sharing our work. In the audio and below, I share tools that keep me balanced and happy online.


You need time to process life! I schedule time to walk without headphones or sit in quiet every day. Time in stillness is just as beneficial as drawing.

There are just some times you have to give yourself space to be quiet, which means you've got to set those phones down. - Michelle Obama


Set rules for yourself, like this one: “Before checking my phone, I must walk dogs, do some kind of mindfulness activity, write in my journal, drink coffee, and shower.” That’s my rule.


I’ve been checking in with Introvert Drawing Club members every week to share my screen time. It’s been groundbreaking! Knowing there’s a check-in helps me choose my sketchbook over scrolling on my phone. Awareness is power!


Supporting artists here and on Patreon helps you make real, human connections. Social media connections tend to feel superficial, leading us to forget there’s a human behind the account. That’s why I leave our drawing sessions feeling so energized! It’s such a thrill to draw and learn with you!

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