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Dear Inner Critic

Dear Inner Critic

an open letter and discussion

You showed up in my sketchbook. Now you’re lurking in my laptop.

Are you and Mark Zuckerberg best friends? I bet you two gab about my bad ideas in the sauna right before you deliver me another steaming pile of self-doubt.

Please stop telling me:

  • my ideas are stupid 

  • everyone already knows that 

  • that I sound like a wanna-be expert

You’re holding me back from making the mistakes I need to make so I can grow. My writing will never be perfect. And my art won't be either. 

So, kindly go back to your litter box and let me work. 

Yours truly,

Writing and art practices are like night and day to me. Drawing feels like equal amounts of effort and ease. Writing feels laborious and dreadful at times. 

With writing, my self-doubt grows faster than unwanted body hair. The more I tap away at the keyboard, the worse it gets.

My friend

explores the connection between writing and art practices through some of my favorite artists. 

A few lifetimes ago I went to journalism school and wrote stories four days a week for our campus newspaper. 

Every day, I had only four hours to propose an idea, interview sources (in person or over the phone), research, write, and edit my story. Once the shock wore off, it was the easiest, most fulfilling job ever. 

Now, I have no managing editor, word count, or deadline. Why is this harder? 

I promise to keep writing if you’ll keep reading. 


  • What do you want to say to your inner critic?

  • How do you know when to listen and when to ignore them?

  • Which behaviors amplify the negative thoughts? Which ones soften it?

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