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Awkward Animal Headshots Game

Practice portraits and animals at the same time!

I haven’t stopped thinking of this game since the idea struck me in the middle of the night on Tuesday. Animal portraits have been dancing around my mind since seeing so many of your beautiful tortoise images in our session with TJ. I’ve already set a date for an official drawing session (sign-up is below), so consider this game a sneak preview!

How to play

  1. Write down a random number between 1 and 10 (or have somebody pick).

  2. Repeat step 1! Now you’ll have 2 numbers.

  3. Find the numbers you chose in the list of animals below.

  4. Find the second number you chose in the list of people below.

  5. Each one links to a photo. Combine the two images to make a drawing!


  1. Gray Rabbit

  2. Alpaca

  3. Rhino

  4. Macaw

  5. Horse

  6. Ape

  7. Chicken

  8. Raccoon

  9. Dog

  10. Tiger


  1. Dancer Larry Colwell

  2. Actress Dana Wynter 

  3. Mrs. L Alexander

  4. Unidentified Woman

  5. Jerry Smith

  6. A Eick

  7. Miss A Reinecke

  8. Miss Bayer

  9. George B Miles

  10. Carrie Mcguire

In the video for paid members, I play this game and share my process for creating two animal portraits. There’s also a whole session of these below!

P.S. We have a nifty navigation page now!

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