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A playful art practice

Removing the pressure to perform by drawing over old work.

Think about the first time someone handed you art supplies. You just had fun and made a big, messy masterpiece, which I’m sure the grownups in your life adored.

That kid who had such a blast with art supplies, pouring happiness onto every page, is still inside you. This week’s prompt gives you permission to approach blank pages with no strings attached.

wall of pet illustrations by Beth Spencer
Everything on this wall was drawn on top of or on the back of old work. It just doesn’t serve me to be precious about it!

Prompt: This week we’re drawing over old art.

This practice helps me approach blank pages like I did in childhood, before Instagram made them place to perform for an audience.

It’s not about covering up bad sketches. The point is to give them space in your practice and acknowledge what they taught you.

It helps me approach a blank page this way:

“I’m going to draw on this. If I don’t like it, I’ll draw or paint over it. And I’ll draw or paint over that if I don’t like that. And if I don’t like that, I’ll draw over that…”

I love what Janet Olsen said about painting over old work:

Knowing that I can paint over something makes me less worried about the final outcome and gives me freedom to try new things.

We’re not performing brain surgery. Don’t be afraid to make a mess and give your inner child some playtime. Adult-artist you will appreciate it.

In the video and below

I draw over some old zoo sketches and invite you to join with your favorite materials! I’m sharing my favorite things to use to cover and and bring old sketches back to life. I’ll create a chat so we can all share our favorite our favorite pieces we’ve drawn.

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