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Who is your character and what do they do?

A pocket-sized prompt book to print and carry everywhere!

Clever ideas usually play hide-and-seek when I sit down to work on them, so I made this pocket-sized prompt book to nudge them out!

Download it below and tuck it into your sketchbook, pocket, or purse. It’ll probably fit comfortably in a bra if you like wearing those.

I’ve been taking it everywhere and recording thoughts about characters I’m developing. These details have been useful for shaping stories I’m working on for future books.

tiny prompt books by Beth Spencertiny prompt books by Beth Spencer
LEFT: Drawn while waiting for a giant jug to fill with water. RIGHT: Drawn while waiting at the dentist.
Pocket-Sized Character Prompts
8.8MB ∙ PDF file
A tiny book of prompts to whip out when your ideas are most likely ready to party! 🎈

I show you how to fold them in the video, then I start a new one with an idea that just flew into my brain this week!

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