Portfolio Work Session with Sarah Dyer

Work on your projects as we chat about portfolios and creative practices.

Special thanks to the amazing Sarah Dyer for cohosting this lovely session! It was a treat to talk about portfolios and how we can approach them with individuality.

For the full experience, press play, and work on whatever project needs your attention. Or you can jump to the work + chat section at 35:50 if you’d like to listen as you draw, paint, or swatch colors. You’ll instantly add delightful, supportive studio mates to your space.

In this post, I listed what I believe makes a nice page in my portfolio.

Sarah’s Patreon is a treasure trove filled with picture book inspiration, guidance, community support, and wonderful writing workshops. Her Sequence Group really got me moving with my picture book ideas in 2022. I revisited the same videos for a brilliant refresher when I got the book deal last year. She’s one of the most generous, creative humans you’ll find online!

We’ll host another portfolio session in March. Stay tuned for the date and envision some portfolio goals (like adding some work, designing a new logo, or rewriting the copy) you want to complete in the next two months. Maybe type it in the comments below. Maybe we’ll hold you accountable in March!

gorilla and cat sketches by Beth Spencer
There’s a serious primate shortage on my portfolio. I worked to remedy that in our session.

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