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Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

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Congratulations, that’s amazing! 😊

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My favorite things to draw (lately): dogs, primates, lions, humans

I'd love to improve: drawing rooms and landscapes. Also drawing tone! I can always learn more about mixing colors and human faces. Trees. Flowers. Birds. Dinosaurs. Basically anything that isn't in the first list. 😄

Tell me your favorites and where I can find you!

(I'm here: https://bethspencer.substack.com/)

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Kudos!!! 🥳

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Ahhhhh! That’s so great - and you’ve totally earned that spotlight. Congrats, Beth!

I like drawing monsters, noodle armed kids, and teapots. I’d like to get better at drawing trees, soft backgrounds, and people at extreme angles. You can find me on substack or my website ginaperry.com

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Congratulations on being featured! I followed a bunch of writers this evening off the back of a Substack email so that assume that’s how I found you.

I love drawing faces. No matter whatever else I explore, it always come back to faces and once I do that I generally lose interest in anything else.

I’d love to be able to have the patience to flesh out work to tell a story. Focus less on the face, and more on the ‘scene’. I’ve worked in the design industry for almost 30 years, so breaking the habit of working quick for immediate results is really really hard.

You can see some of my work at IG @martinlovegrove

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Congratulations, Beth! Your drawing club is one of my favorites and I’m trying to work my way through the replays.

I like to draw pretty much anything (except cars) but I am partial to portraits.

I want to get better at drawing cars (why are they so hard!) and simplifying complex scenes.

You can find me on IG @janetmadethat

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Congratulations, Beth!

I don’t draw much -- I’m more of a painter, and I veer towards whimsical faces, figurative art, and abstraction. I do want to improve my very rusty and highly underused drawing skills, though, including botanicals, especially flowers. And if I can get the hang of painting them, I’ll be floating in the clouds!

You can find my art on Instagram at @moderngypsy.in or on my Substack: https://shinjinim.substack.com

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Congratulations and well deserved Beth!

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Hi I’m Adam Ming, and I love drawing shapes, lines and messy textures, most subjects are an excuse for me to do just that.

The thing I want to improve is using colour, especially for print. I love painting neutral browns, but they don’t show up well in print, so I need to find some colors and adapt

You can find all my links at: https://linktr.ee/adamming

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A big Congratulations on being featured Beth you deserve it!!

My Favourite things to draw : Humans, boats ,seas, trees.

I would love to improve : Animals, birds and some more animals. I love animals and I do observe them a lot from life, images and videos but recently I noticed that I only drew them during hosted drawing sessions and not by myself. So I would love to draw more animals and turn them into characters.

You can find me here : https://www.instagram.com/srinidhidraws

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Hi Beth, huge congratulations on being featured, I enjoy reading your process and seeing the zoo pics.

I am Rekha, and I really enjoy drawing people,animals, trees, foliage, and nature. I love textures and scribbly look and though I work digitally for all my client works, sketchbooks is what keeps me sane and always fresh and refreshed.

What I don't enjoy drawing are cities, horror stuff, pirates and robots.

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Congratulations Beth!

I love all your drawing sessions, I have two which I missed when I was in the UK... and am going to do them this week.

I’m Char , aka BlueshineArt on IG, FB, and my website is www.BlueshineArt.com

I love drawing people, landscapes, interiors, animals... and drawing with friends is my absolute favourite.


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Congratulations! Well deserved!

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Hi friend, congratulations on this milestone! Your dedication, enthusiasm, and cool ideas have paid off, it is amazing to see all of your achievements in real-time ;) I love how your newsletter gives us all also a sense of community, thanks for being an inspiration.

I am Citla and I love drawing flowers, animals, landscapes.

You can find me on Instagram as @citlaflor and have a substack too called "The Sketchbook Games" which you can find here http://citlaflor.substack.com/

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