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All about Acrylic Markers

Swatching different brands to see how they behave on a page.

My acrylic marker collection is out of control. It’s not my fault! The art shop strategically positions the Posca & Montana displays to exploit my weaknesses. 

You don’t have to take my word that these markers are delightful. Here’s what some artists I admire say they love about acrylic markers.

Read on for some tips and thoughts on acrylic markers from artists I admire! 

Easy Access

“I really love them - for me, they help provide one less barrier of entry into my sketchbook if I’m struggling with motivation,” said Katie Moody. “It feels so much easier to grab a marker and get creating than grabbing a tube of acrylic and having to get set up with a palette. I just love how quick they are to use and their speed at laying down colour.” Check out Katie’s video comparing pens in her collection.

Play well with others

Janet Olsen appreciates how acrylic markers perform with other materials in her practice. “I especially like using them with Neocolor II’s and Inktense pencils (either wet or dry) on top, and I love how regular graphite pencil looks with the markers,” she said. “Permanent ink works well, and I really like using dip pens and ink over them.”

Location Drawing

Emma Carlisle said about her favorite acrylic markers, “If I don’t have them when I’m drawing out on location, I genuinely feel a bit sad.” 

That hits close to home. That’s probably why I overpack every time!

I swatched some different brands in the video for paid subscribers so you can compare how each behaves. You can find more materials videos on the contents page.

If you have gently used acrylic markers that you’re not using, feel free to add them to the art supply swap page to trade for something you’ll love!

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