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Drawing in a restaurant

A prompt, drawing demo, and discussion

Restaurants are one of my favorite places to draw. There’s a table for your sketchbook, so that’s a win. People usually don’t peek over your shoulder unless it’s to refill soda. They almost always have bathrooms. Oh, and the best part — FOOD!

The arrival of the meal is the perfect stopping point. That hook (or something to pull you away from your sketch) encourages quickness. It’s likely why I always do the best work in a waiting room. Maybe I should plan all my doctor and vet visits around book deadlines!

I draw at this place called RP Tracks a lot. They have the best BBQ tofu nachos ever!

My excitement over working this way began last summer at the animal clinic. Our beloved senior pets need a lot of routine maintenance. The drawing ends when we get called back to see the vet or pay the bill. I made a whole post about it here and below.

I always left the clinic with barely finished sketches that were devilishly wonky, and I couldn’t have ruined them even if I wanted to. Their wild inaccuracy lets me be free and fearless when finishing them from my imagination.

Having half-finished pages of energetic marks to return to makes me happy. I never have to worry about a blank page or how I’ll fill it. It takes me back to the moment when I started the sketch, which was usually a pretty joyful place.

Some cool kids out on a Saturday night… talking about their dogs. How wholesome!


Draw at dinner time! There are infinite ways to interpret this one.

  • You could sketch the ingredients of your meal

  • Take your sketchbook on a dinner date

  • Draw your cat eating, which could make a fun sequence of images

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